Elizabeth Z. Elvin
    Lizzy was born on June 14, 2012.
She has a brother Anthony.
September 2018Muck-raking; drumming
August 2018Michigan nature; diving
July 2018Central Park play; flying
June 2018Kindergarten graduation; turning 6!
May 2018Field trips; first recital
April 2018Making things; spring flowers
March 2018Medusa exhibit; Cinderella show
February 2018Dinosaurs; winter beach trip
January 2018Michigan; snow days
December 2017Circus; sledding
November 2017Chen's visit; Massachusetts cousins
October 2017Making pizza; Cinderella
September 2017Bear bones; long hike at PEEC
August 2017Starting Kindergarten; solar eclipse
July 2017Grandparents and cousins; the beach
June 20175th birthday; first summer camp
May 20174 y 11 m:  hippo playground; beach
April 20174 y 10 m:  tire swing; spring flowers
March 20174 y 9 m:  bubbles; sledding
February 20174 y 8 m:  PEEC winter wonderland; Central Park
January 20174 y 7 m:  playing with grandparents; baby Luna
December 20164 y 6 m:  swimming in leaves; visiting museums
November 20164 y 5 m:  playing school; big-kid bed
October 20164 y 4 m:  climbing rocks; playing library
September 20164 y 3 m:  Lake Akenac; playing with Tony
August 20164 y 2 m:  Sharon visit; riding a bike!
July 20164 y 1 m:  sand; sprinklers
June 20164 years:  birthday; Michigan vacation
May 20163 y 11 m:  grandparents' visit; dinosaur bones
April 20163 y 10 m:  bubbles; tire swing
March 20163 y 9 m:  binoculars; bridge trek
February 20163 y 8 m:  icy puddles; bear bones
January 20163 y 7 m:  grandparents; fun in the snow
December 20153 y 6 m:  lobby decorations; Michigan adventures
November 20153 y 5 m:  Philadelphia trip; puzzles
October 20153 y 4 m:  puddles; monkey suit
September 20153 y 3 m:  swimming in lake; hiking at PEEC
August 20153 y 2 m:  Massachusetts; Grandma's visit
July 20153 y 1 m:  swimming pool; fire truck
June 20153 years:  turning 3; Michigan wilderness
May 20152 y 11 m:  yurt; bird watching
April 20152 y 10 m:  playing with Galya; Lyuba's visit
March 20152 y 9 m:  serious play; artwork
February 20152 y 8 m:  toy box; sledding
January 20152 y 7 m:  grandparents; wooden railroad
December 20142 y 6 m:  toy babies; science museum
November 20142 y 5 m:  putting toys to bed; visiting the Met
October 20142 y 4 m:  tickling Tony; Giant Cat returns
September 20142 y 3 m:  starting preschool; building with Tony
August 20142 y 2 m:  visiting cousins; canoeing
July 20142 y 1 m:  walking doggie Max; visiting sculptures
June 20142 years:  learning to swim; turning 2!
May 201423 months:  tire swing; playground climbing
April 201422 months:  sailing in a box; Frog in pajamas
March 201421 months:  floor art; Tony costume
February 201420 months:  playing ball; meeting bear
January 201419 months:  grandparents' house; swimming outfits
December 201318 months:  Michigan snow; sledding with Tony
November 201317 months:  scooter; Thanksgiving with William
October 201316 months:  crunching apples; unpacking groceries
September 201315 months:  PEEC cabin; explorations
August 201314 months:  in Sharon; abacus
July 201313 months:  laughing; staying with Grandma
June 201312 months:  going to daycare; turning 1!
May 201311 months:  cuddling with Tony; making a mess if fun!
April 201310 months:  sitting in high chair; getting around!
March 20139 months:  exploring the floor; taking off socks
February 20138 months:  drumming; staying in a cabin
January 20137 months:  hugging Tony; being cute
December 20126 months:  meeting Baba Lyuba; family time
November 20125 months:  many smiles; sitting position
October 20124 months:  with Grandma; good tummy-time technique
September 20123 months:  interested in toys; going to parties
August 20122 months:  playing with Tony; visiting PEEC
July 20121 month:  taking baths; meeting Grandma & Grandpa
June 2012We have a new baby!